• S-Trader Ultimate

    S-Trader Ultimate


    Multi-feed / multi-brokerage capable S-Trader Ultimate for advanced research, algo trading and order routing.


    This is our platform for professional traders and asset managers. The S-Trader Ultimate gives you access to amazing charting and algo trading resources while powering on multiple simultaneous feed connectors for impressive data mining capabilities and cross-feed order routing options.

  • Live Support

    Live Support


    Discuss market forecasts or custom mandate or strategy development with one of our specialists.


    You can request one-on-one calls with our specialists to discuss customized market forecasts or any technical or fundamental research concept of interest. You can also seek assistance in developing and implementing any custom investment strategy or custom investment mandate with any combination of objectives and constraints. Enjoy objective trading system development on hundreds upon hundreds of global indices, stocks, ETFs, bonds, currencies and commodities for multiple trading time horizons. Cash and derivatives (futures + options) markets are covered. 

    All our research staff members are CMT and/or CFA charter holders. Most of us have in fact been registered as professional traders and/or portfolio managers with financial regulators across North America or Europe.

    Finally, you can ask for support in developing customized trading systems, including but not limiting to Quant ScriptTM programming.


  • Volume licensing

    Volume licensing


    Available volume licensing for prop trading firms and other institutional traders and investors.


    Capitalize on economies of scale and get volume discounts on S-Trader licensing, data packages and technical or fundamental research services. Enjoy fixed pricing for multi-year contracts, tailored volume pricing for your very specific needs and much more.

  • Software as a Service

    Software as a Service


    Available Software-as-a-Service delivery and VM Hosting for cloud-like experience.


    Run the S-Trader on our fully managed infrastructure for cloud-like, hassle-free experience. We can deliver your S-Trader copy on fully managed VM environments hosted on enterprise-grade hardware located in secure tier III / tier IV data centers in North America. Enjoy flexible CPU / RAM / HDD configurations for scalable computing power, with full A/C, storage and ISP connection redundancy ensuring a minimum of 99.9% up-time.

  • Technical Support

    Technical Support


    Programming services to develop any web, desktop or mobile app.


    You can request help with Quant ScriptTM programming to test your hunches or visions and develop them into actionable trading ideas or strategies. Where appropriate, you can further develop a specific method or market approach into a full-fledged S-Trader add-on or module. We can also assist with architectural designs to integrate the S-Trader into existing front, middle and back-office infrastructure. All popular programming languages, i.e. C, C++, C#, ASP.NET, java, iOS, Swift, Objective-C or Android, are supported.

  • DTN IQ Feed Data

    DTN IQ Feed Data


    Award winning IQ Feed data covering global indices, equities, futures, forex and much more.


    IQFeed is widely recognized as providing the most comprehensive service to traders at the best overall price. The data behind IQFeed is one of the fastest, most reliable in the industry.

    The S-Trader is compatible with both the historical and streaming / real-time IQFeed services. DTN IQFeed is also directly compatible with Microsft Excel or OpenOffice.org’s free Calc software using IQFeed's built in DDE functionality.

  • Barchart Data

    Barchart Data


    Barchart is a leading provider of market data and services to the global financial, media, and commodity industries.


    Their diversified client base trusts Barchart’s innovative Solutions across data, software, and technology to power  operations from front to back office, while their Media brands enable financial and commodity professionals to make decisions through web content, news, and publications.

    Barchart connects directly to the markets its services, which include equities, futures, options, indices and foreign exchange, as well as dozens of news providers and other sources of data.