• Event Scheduler

    Event Scheduler

    Schedule data downloads, RRG, market scanners or portfolio runs to be performed according to any criteria you want. You can opt for simple runs or auto runs at pre-determined time intervals, at specific times during the day or sequential post-event runs.

  • Instrument Panel

    Instrument Panel

    Manage live data symbols for all live data connectors in one place. Then, manage pegged local data symbols and downloaded data in the exact same place. And finally, manage composite data symbols built out of live, local or downloadable data files and symbols in that very same place.

  • Organizer


    Easily save, keep and migrate all your work from one computer to another in mere minutes. Easily save all your work (i.e. custom studies, loop or portfolio systems, scanners, expert advisers, chart templates, tests, etc.) in installable packages. Password protect the individual elements and/or the packages themselves. Develop ideas to trade them or to sell them in your community with complete encryption protection.

  • XL to XML Symbol Management Utility

    XL to XML Symbol Management Utility

    Conveniently maintain all your symbol lists in Microsoft XL files and convert them with ease into S-Trader XML symbol files.

  • Symbol Lookup Utility

    Symbol Lookup Utility

    Search for any symbol available from any integrated streaming data provider or broker API.

  • Back-Up Utility

    Back-Up Utility

    Automatically save all your S-Trader files, including templates and settings, to pre-determined local or cloud locations upon exiting. Easily restore the S-Trader within minutes in the event of migration, hardware crash or app re-install.

  • Stage 5 Trade Analyzer

    Stage 5 Trade Analyzer

    Powerful yet easy way to make sure you always do your trading homework. Professional tool to visualize, quantify and adjust trading habits. Available to Stage 5 clients only (free of charge).