SVA Price Multiple Function – This function returns the relevant price multiples of the stock. 

Available Price Valuation Multiples

Bubble Valuation Multiples
      • High Bubble 8 (HB8)
      • High Bubble 7 (HB7)
      • High Bubble 6 (HB6)
      • High Bubble 5 (HB5)
      • High Bubble 4 (HB8)
      • High Bubble 3 (HB3)
      • High Bubble 2 (HB2)
      • High Bubble 1 (HB1)
      • Bubble (BB)
Growth Valuation Multiples
Normal Valuation Multiples
Blue Valuation Multiples

Future Market Value Function – this function returns the inferred future fair value of the stock

Stability Ratio Function – this function measures the balance sheet stability of the stock and can be viewed as a forward-looking measure of future stock price volatility.