• Smart Quotes

    Smart Quotes

    Create multiple symbol groups manually or from pre-built XML lists. Re-order symbols or entire groups by drag and drop. Easily format cells, rows, columns and tables and save default or custom templates. Fully customize the column structure to include even on-the-fly scripts and custom indicators;

  • Advanced Charts

    Advanced Charts

    Plot any data series and analyze it using the built-in library of over 100 technical and statistical studies or any Quant ScriptTM - based custom studies. Use the full package of annotations and chart tools, including trendlines, channels, fibonaccis, text and callouts, shapes and symbols and even Elliott wave labels. Enjoy multi-symbol and multi-panel capability with dock/undock, attach/detach functionality for impeccable ergonomics and user friendliness.

  • Relative Rotation Graphs

    Relative Rotation Graphs

    View entire portfolios of lagging, leading, improving or weakening securities in one big radar screen. Follow angles, tails and each instrument’s trajectory in time to understand when it should be added to or dropped from portfolios.

  • Equity Valuation Studies

    Equity Valuation Studies

    Unique SVA StudiesTM for side-by-side behavioral and fundamental analysis conducted simultaneously on the stock price and the company’s balance sheet data. Easy-to-understand intrinsic value, valuation multiples and projected firm stability.

  • Quant Script Engine

    Quant Script Engine

    Powerful, easy-to-use proprietary scripting language to develop custom studies, expert advisers, market scanners, scripted alerts, loop or portfolio systems. Virtually inexistent learning curve towards developing any custom indicator, test, scan or trading strategy right out of the box.

  • Quant Script Wizard

    Quant Script Wizard

    Step-by-step and line-by-line script syntax generation to develop any custom study, test, scan or trading strategy with drag-and-drop convenience. Extremely powerful with zero learning curve for beginners.

  • Premium News

    Premium News

    Enjoy premium Benzinga News with the IQFeed data package.