We are customer-focused and results-oriented in everything we do. We want our clients to be in a position to have access to quality resources while paying only for stuff they really need to have. Our licensing model is thus robust and flexible, allowing you to build the coverage you need in the most economical terms possible. 

Ultimately, what differentiates between edition families is the data connectivity, the broker API connectivity and the platform or, where applicable, the research and the education add-ons. We do not restrict any of our core or value-added features but the reality is that you will enjoy one level of functionality or the other based on the data package you choose and based on the broker connectors you want to use.

There are three components to your S-Trader licensing:

The S-Trader data connectivity.


You can choose the data connectors that are right for you:

  • Local data connector
  • Historical and downloadable data connector
  • Single streaming data connector
  • Multiple streaming data connectors

The S-Trader trading connectivity.


You can choose the broker API connectors that make most sense for you:

  • Single broker API connectors
  • Multiple broker API connectors
  • Cross-feed order routing

The S-Trader platform add-ons.


Two add-ons are currently available:

  • SVA Studies
  • Relative Rotation Graphs (RRGs)