The superiority of the analytical model.

S-Trader derives its forecasts from a proven model of market timing that stood the test of time over many decades. While determinations are made in a probabilistic sense due to the very nature of the exercise of forecasting, the conclusions will stand way more often than not.

The advantage of a consultative approach.

We listen to you, learn about your particular needs and address your risk management issues in a personalized way.

Comprehensive market coverage and a wide range of hedging needs addressed

Major exchange rates, interest rates and commodity prices such as grains, meats, energy and metals are covered at various degrees of complexity. You should be able to find the coverage that best fits your personal profile (hedging needs, market knowledge and sophistication, extent and quality of market access, etc.) no matter what that profile actually looks like.

Enjoying an edge over the competition through constant market monitoring and continuous market strategy revision.

The capability to quickly adapt to changing environments is arguably an important component of a firm’s success. The degree to which one adapts its company to trend changes in the financial arenas depends on two main variables: (1) the recognition of the fact that something is changing indeed and (2) the degree of knowledge as to how one should cope with the new situation. Such requirements are met through constant market monitoring and continuous market strategy revision, respectively. From this perspective, our solution is a comprehensive insurance police that will earn you an edge over your competition when the unexpected eventually plays out.

The benefits of a pro-active hedging solution.

Rather than acting precipitously when it is too late, S-Trader is willing to increase your real-time awareness towards the emergence and development of certain financial risks. Sound advance planning can be constructed and properly implemented on that basis. The ultimate purpose is to let you enjoy opportunities while providing full coverage when and where risks emerge.