View & post trade ideas

You can view trade ideas posted by peers and fellow traders and you can post and exchange yours for others to see and comment on. Our moderators are sure to keep the conversation civilized at all times and add useful input when possible.

Access tutorials and other educational materials

Learn about the S-Trader desktop platform, all its features and capabilities by accessing rich on-line print and video materials. Access our tutorials, build your own ones or interact with other traders to educate yourself on markets or S-Trader app related topics.

Discuss, learn and apply technical analysis concepts

If you have a firm opinion or a particular experience regarding a certain technical concept, you can discuss it with your peers, with our specialists or perhaps both. You can apply the results of your findings and you can measure objectively the quality of your conclusions as you continue to learn, apply and grow as a trader or investor.

Discuss and explore algo trading concepts

Develop conceptual algo trading frameworks by interacting with fellow traders. Learn what works and what doesn't based on your own experiences and those of other traders. Learn to build, test, adjust and maintain complex algorithms in the context of changing market personalities.

Third party offers

Immediately access and discuss offers crafted by 3rd party providers specifically for S-Trader users. 


Fix any technical issue you may have with the S-Trader app. Get support from our moderators or your fellow traders. Support others on issues you have already encountered yourself.

Developer's corner

Propose and discuss new features to be created or functionality improvements to be brought in future application releases. Interact with developers and peers to determine optimal technical solutions and appropriate performance improvements.

Access useful information

Access information relevant to the global financial markets such as information on exchanges, financial regulators or product changes, launches and releases.