The S-Trader Advanced Edition is our enhanced platform family for active swing traders whose trading time horizon varies between a few days to a few weeks. Like the core edition, the advanced edition gives you access to all S-Trader value-added features and opens connectivity to local and historical data plus one streaming data provider or broker feed at a time. The advanced edition also provides basic order routing connectivity options. Licensing options include bundles with our live market call or trend watch pro services and other multi time frame or short-term analysis products.

There are multiple licensing options available in the Advanced Edition, based on your preferred data provider

  • S-Trader Advanced Provider-Focused

    Features All charting and algo trading features used with local and historical data or with any one choice of an integrated streaming data provider or broker feed:

    Included Smart Quotes
    Included Advanced Charts
    Included RRGs
    Included SVA Studies
    Selectively Included Quant Script Engine
    Included Code Editor
    Included Code Wizard
    Unlimited Custom Technical Studies
    Unlimited Expert Advisers & Consensus Reports
    Included Scripted Alerts, Loop Systems & Portfolio Systems algo-trading modules
    Included all Platform Tools & Utilities
    Included Local CSV, ASCII & Metastock Data connectors with customizable data templates
    Included IQFeed Historical Data Connector
    Included Single Feed Streaming Data Connector
    Included Order Routing & Trading Integration (if compatible with the feed choice)
    Included IQFeed Historical Data Package
    Available Newsletter ($peaking Elliott)
    Available Live Market Call video analysis